Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to approximate as closely as possible the church of the New Testament. That group met as a large group once a week at the temple for instruction and worship, but groups also met “from house to house” during the week. It is in these small group meetings that the actual work of the church, as described in the New Testament, was carried out. Each individual was encouraged to discover and practice his spiritual gift within the group. Each individual was involved in the actual life, structure, and worship experience of the group as well, with some leading in music, sharing testimony, quoting Scripture, or presenting a word from God. Also, the groups were evangelistic, actively seeking to introduce the lost to Christ through the experience of this small group. When the group grew too large to meet in homes, another group was formed so the experience could continue and more lost could be welcomed, thus multiplying the church!  Everyone was a part of these “house churches,” and as such someone always knew about needs among the group. It was easy to see who was missing when the group gathered, and to check on them immediately. Thus every purpose of the church was covered through this format.

You can join Pastor Kelley’s life group this Thursday! Contact us, or call the church for more information.