Our Mission

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Welcome to the Revolution!

Welcome to the adventure that is Seaside! We invite you to make a commitment to be part of the most exciting revolution on the face of the earth … God’s Church! You can become part of the Kingdom of God. This means that as a believer you have Jesus ruling your heart and life. This will not be the case around you! Satan has usurped that throne in the life of millions of people.

Your Mission is to join the revolution to take back the earth from Satan and return Jesus to his rightful throne.

Your Battle is against principalities and powers that are not of this world. You will have to work together with other believers and PRAY!

Your Struggle is against the influence of Satan here in the physical realm. There are moral absolutes. It does matter how you behave! You can influence people by living differently!

Your Immediate Task is to be trained, sustained, and empowered to carry out the task through the five purposes of the church:

  • Evangelism– Enlisting more disciples to the cause!
  • Worship– Acknowledging our leader, Jesus!
  • Service– Helping out your fellow revolutionaries and get the attention of non-believers by helping them!
  • Fellowship– Deciding that you can trust each other and hold each other accountable to  the cause … then do it!
  • Discipleship– Learning all you can about the history of this movement, the teachings of
    our leader and, most important of all, our leader Himself!

This website is designed to help you see how we here at Seaside are carrying out our responsibilities as God’s Church here in this location. We pray that you will discover your place of ministry here as we adventure together. And let me be one of the first to say …
I love you in Jesus!

Pastor Kelley